Ryan O'Sullivan was born in Summit, New Jersey in 1985. From a young age he showed an affinity for nature, and displayed a natural aptitude for drawing, design and creation. In high school, he explored multiple forms of media, absorbing as many different techniques as he could. He continued his education briefly at Savannah College of Art and Design before heading off on his own path of self discovery leading him into the world of dance, festival production and interactive art.

    Studying natural systems and replicating natural patterns in both form and function has become a huge passion for Ryan. Sharing his passion through paint and design has become a major driving force in his life mission to create beauty in abundance, but recently new forms of expression have taken the wheel and are steering Ryan in directions he's never explored before. This method is about less dedicated and absolute strokes, more allowing and asking the paint how it wants to move. Less leading the dance, more being led by and swept up in the expression of your partner.

    A more abstract and fluid style is emerging as he let's go of the tightness of realism and steps into the flow of fluid painting. An experiment in doing less, this new avenue has lit up Ryan's imagination and is changing the way he approaches the creation of his paintings. Entirely new creatures are emerging out of the 5th dimensional sea of the imagination, and with them the doors of perception are starting to crack open in new and exciting ways.